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Our network is growing rapidly, giving you the chance to reach more prospects and expand your customer base. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business thrive

Bravo Freight has worked hard to develop a reputation for advocating on behalf of both our clients and carriers. We take pleasure in establishing long-term relationships that fit our shippers' capacity requirements and service expectations with our carrier network's capability and productivity goals.
We'll listen to your needs and work together to eliminate empty miles while finding steady, high-quality loads that will boost your company's productivity and profitability. As a Bravo Freight carrier, you will be part of one of the industry's leading and fastest expanding transportation and logistics groups.

Many Opportunities

Our varied customer base spans a wide range of products and industries in most regions of America, offering our carriers with numerous load options.

Collaborative Relationships

We work hard to ensure that our carrier relationships are mutually beneficial. Our team works tirelessly to win your trust and match loads with the lanes, equipment, and capacity that you require.

Load Options

Our diversified customer base provides you with a plethora of transactional and contractual options to reduce empty miles and improve your business, whether you're looking to book a one-time load or dedicated equipment opportunities.

Quality Freight

Our vast customer base is always expanding, providing our carriers with a diverse range of high-quality and dependable cargoes that keep your drivers and fleet on the road.

Industry-Leading Technology

Our Transportation Management Software (TMS) provides real-time access for drivers and dispatchers to check and update tracking, access available loads, run performance reports, submit documents, and manage payables online.

Outstanding Service

Our dedicated carrier relations team is committed to your success. When you haul for Bravo Freight, our team is here and ready to help.